Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome to the blissful blogspot where food is celebrated with the seasons, and yoga is the glue of it all. Perhaps it’s the other way around, Yoga is celebrated with the seasons and food is the glue of it all. Whatever. Anyway, It is springtime in Portugal. For me, that brings a whole universe into focus...The north wind is blowing, the vegetables are growing, and the flowers are shining. It is spring, now is the time to revitalize the body and soul and come back into life. I suppose that’s how I feel on a personal level. It is time to focus and find my ground. Its time I find my way back to the kitchen! So what’s new is that I have already cooked for 2 yoga retreats. After the first, I made a promise to the clients to update this blissful blogspot, and so here goes… We at Algarveyoga have held one Yoga detox and one Yoga surf thus far this spring. Our first group was a Yoga Surf group at Casa D’ Ouro. I want to thank all of the lovely ladies who participated and gave their energy to imbibing a wonderful kick-start to the yoga year. It was a small group. As a chef, I appreciate cooking for small groups. It gives me more time in the kitchen and even better, more time out of the kitchen, which translates to more time on the yoga mat, and more time playing in the surf. This first Yoga surf was a smash. We had a really good vibe going. I love to see when the clients connect so well amongst each other. There was really a sense of camaraderie on this retreat. The women were connecting with the yoga, the yoga nidra, the food, the surf, and most importantly each other. The following pictures are of the good vibe veggie food that was cooked up during the first week of April. Personally, It felt good to be hitting the note again back in the kitchen at Casa D’ Ouro. In non-Yoga related news, I’ve got a new cooking projects going on. My new idea is a Back to Bliss Wine and Dine event that pairs the fine wines of Portugal with 4/5 original courses. I suppose its underground dining… I want to cook some good original food (veggie and non veggie) and give diners in the Algarve a real dining experience. Lets face it; there are very few restaurants in this area that are exciting. So, I want to make my own restaurant once or twice a month without having to do the whole investing and ruining your life bit. I will fill you in more as the program develops. Hopefully the first Blissful Experience will happen by early June. Peace to anyone who has found their way to my cooking blog. Namaste…Much love
Curry night at the Yoga Surf
the lovely ladies of Yoga Surf
Veggie Lasagna
Dig In

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zeynep's Photos of April 2011 Yoga Surf

Return to Bliss

As it has been a few months since I’ve set up this blog, I believe its time to update. Well, Back to Bliss has been quite busy cooking for the yoga holidays of Algarve Yoga! For me, this is Bliss, and very blissful cooking. I have been working for Algarve Yoga for almost a year and a half. What a blast I am having cooking seriously delicious health food for Yogis from all over Europe. What’s equally exciting is that I get to work with my partner Diana who runs Algarve Yoga and teaches the Yoga courses. We have done5 weeks of retreat so far this year, including 2 Yoga surf holidays and 3 Yoga Detox. Its great work, and I have learned much since I jumped into the Yoga kitchen. For me, cooking for Yoga retreats is a nourishing experience. Everyone that comes on retreat is usually very grateful and often very surprised at how well they eat…especially on our Yoga detox retreat. I am so happy to cook for people who are open to and appreciate the style of food we prepare at Algarve Yoga. For a chef, there is nothing better than having your work really appreciated and hearing the sounds of satisfaction wafting around the dining room.
The Back to Bliss cooking project has everything to do with Yoga and health. In order to live a healthy and balanced life we need to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Cooking for yogis allows and even demands that I cook creatively while maximizing the vitality I draw from the food I’m cooking. As a chef, it’s a change of perspective. Where as a few years ago I would have looked at food for taste and pleasure, I now look to food for pure sustenance, nutrient potential, and of course pure taste! That certainly will never change. I’m a cook first and fore most. The experience of food must always be blissful. But where is the bliss, if what we eat is actually harmful to our bodies? We need to overload our body with nutrients, minerals, anti-oxidants, proteins, and healthy fats. We need to eat fresh lively food in order to feel fresh and lively!
Though I’ve set this blog up in hope of attracting new clients for catering work, I always hope to use the blog to stay connected with some of the clients who have come on the Algarve Yoga holidays. You are the people who have experienced my food, and who have given me wonderful feedback. I do hope that Diana and I will put together a book soon! The Yoga Detox cookbook is a work in progress. I have also began work on another simply Vegetarian cook book including many new Quinoa recipes that include Quinoa pizza crust, Quinoa cookies, crumbles, and cakes….ummmmm… So, As the Back to Bliss project continues to grow, this Blog will inform any interested soul on what is going on with the Back to Bliss cooking project down here in the south of Portugal. There will always be something new coming out of the kitchen. Food is the base for life. Its what we’re made out of. Lets try to make it as original and creative as we can! Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Food Photos

Welcome to Bliss

Greetings and Welcome to the Back to Bliss web space.  Thank you for arriving.  Back to Bliss is a unique catering business servicing the area of southern Portugal.  Whether you are searching for a personal chef for holiday meals, or a catering team for your Wedding, Anniversary, or private party, look no further.  We make dining blissful.
We are based near Lagos, and can cater any location within a 50 mile radius.  However large or small your needs are, don’t hesitate to inquire about a catering experience.   We are here for your dining needs.
If you are planning to holiday in the Algarve, then you are in for a culinary adventure.  The Algarve is a blessed region with many local markets offering the freshest choice of local fruits, vegetables, and seafood.  Southern Portugal boasts of having over 300 sunny days a year, and all that beautiful solar energy shows itself well in the colors of the local fruit and vegg.  Figs, oranges, almonds, melons, tomatoes, sweet potatoes,  and avocados are just a few local products that grow exceedingly well in this climate.  The cold Atlantic Sea waters provide the Algarve with an array of beautiful fish and seafood.  The local Sea bass and Breem varieties are just a few of the local fish that abound in local markets and restaurants.  Some of the finest oysters in the world are actually farmed in Sagres, though they can be tricky to attain as they are shipped off to France for a higher market value.
We are lucky to have such a fresh ingredients right at our finger tips.  Naturally, our dishes utilize the flavors of the Algarve.  The Back to Bliss kitchen specializes in a variety of world cuisine that fuses the best of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  Our food philosophy is simple and pure, just at the ingredients we cook with. Quality ingredients are the base for  quality dishes. 

If you'd like to talk further about a catering event or chef services, please feel free to call +351 911941097 or email Thanks for reading.